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At Christian Help we seek to meet the needs of our community where poverty has created a crisis in their lives and to serve them with respect and compassion. Our staff and volunteers assist by helping those in need find the path to economic stability, personal fulfillment, and a greater connection to the community they live in.


Learn more about our free programs and how you can get involved below.

Free Store & Special Needs

No cost availability of basic men’s, women’s and children’s clothing, outerwear, footwear, undergarments, housewares, linens, baby items, luggage, backpacks, school/office supplies and specialty healthcare items, as provided through community donations.

  •  Housewares Closet – small appliances, pots, pans, dishes, glasses, cups, eating & serving utensils, baking sheets and dishes.

  •  Linens Closet – tents, sleeping bags, blankets, sheets, pillows, pillow cases, drapes, rugs, towels of varied sizes, washcloths, and related accessories.

  •  Maternity/Child Closet – clothing, furniture, equipment (e.g. high chairs, strollers, car seats, bassinets) and related items such as diapers, receiving blankets, bottles and nursing pads.

Individuals are allowed to shop once every seven days.

Emergency Financial Assistance

Intended to provide financial stability to             individuals and families in a crisis. Vouchers are issued as pledges to vendors to avert loss of  the following:

  •  Shelter

  •  Electricity

  •  Heat

  •  Water/sewage

  •  Prescriptions/ transportation to maintain health   care; or to obtain personal ID or other needs to   facilitate employment

Confirmation of need (e.g. account, vehicle, homeowner), as well as voucher acceptance from the involved vendor is required.

Food Pantry

Food insecurity is a reality for many individuals in our community, that's why we offer a 3-5 day emergency supply of food, drink, toiletries, pet food, baby and children's food, along with many other miscellaneous items when available to families every 30 days. Homeless individuals may request food as needed.


Our food pantry is one of the largest in the area and we rely on food drives and individual donations to stock our shelves. Consider helping us with a food drive to keep our families fed.

Career Closets

Our Career Closets provide clothing to men and women who are working, actively seeking work, or enrolled in an education program. The program offers both blue and white-collar clothing, resume assistance, and interview help. In addition to product donations, required items may be purchased from donated funds available at no charge. 


Individuals who provide confirmation of job interviews may shop for one (1) appropriate outfit. Working individuals may visit once every month. 

Shopping in the Career Closet is permitted every Tuesday and Thursday from 9a - 3:30 pm, based on program coverage, and is subject to change relative to operations and events. 

Jobs for Life

Jobs for Life (JFL) is an international, faith-based, personal development course that uses powerful tools to transform lives and empower people.


The course teaches individuals how to overcome roadblocks in their personal and professional lives and helps students discover their unique value. JFL is open to those who are unemployed, underemployed or who are struggling to obtain a clear career direction. 


Since fall 2013, Christian Help and JFL have assisted dozens of people in Morgantown find meaning through meaningful work.

To apply, stop in for a paper copy or download and complete application:

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