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About us

Christian Help's mission: To respond to situations of emergency and need, with immediacy and simplicity respecting the dignity of all persons in the spirit of Jesus Christ. We have served the Morgantown community since 1975.


Christian Help is for everyone. No matter their background or identity, each person who walks through our door deserves and receives the same respect and dignity. We work with other area support agencies to best serve individuals and families in need. We work to improve the quality of life for each person who comes to Christian Help.

Every day thousands of members of our community live in poverty, going without the necessities some of us often take for granted. Their unique stories illustrate how poverty and emergency can strike temporarily and without warning, or be a cycle of someone's life. Our goal is to be there with them and help them find stability as quickly as possible.


All of our programs and projects are provided for free to the public. They are supported through volunteer service, financial contributions and in-kind donations given by the community we serve.

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